Meet the Team



Top Dog


I'M IN CHARGE OF: Making sure all Out-U-Go! Downers Grove pet parents and pets are happy and well taken care of by our awesome team of pet sitters.


MY FURRY FAMILY: A four-year-old Boxer named Ivy.


SUPER POWER: Reading your pets' minds! It usually goes something like, "walk, cookies, belly rub, cookies, SQUIRREL!...cookies."


BEST THING EVER: Being outside on a clear blue sky day!


HIDDEN TALENT: I can figure skate and used to compete on a synchronized ice skating team!


LIFE PHILOSOPHY: Work hard, play hard!



Squirrel Behavioral Research Associate


I'M IN CHARGE OF: Making sure my mom and dad get their exercise. If I don’t get my walk, I pout.


MY FURRY FAMILY: I'm the center of attention.


SUPER POWER: I wish I could talk and tell jokes. There's an aspiring SNL cast member in this furry body!


BEST THING EVER: My retriever chew sticks! Om nom nom!


HIDDEN TALENT: No squirrel can hide from me...not even in a tree! I can spot them from afar.


LIFE PHILOSOPHY: Make time every day to slow down and take a nap on the couch.