Puppy Care

puppy care

Puppies need lots of exercise and lots of attention. Walks and visits provide that and so much more!

Let’s Play!

  • The Help U Need. Puppies are cute…and lots of work! OUG! makes puppy parenting easy.
  • Love. A new BFF (best friend’s friend) for your newest family member.
  • Potty Break. Puppies are small and that means small bladders. As a rule of paw, pups can hold it about 1 hour for every month they are old.
  • Convenient. No need to run home on your lunch break or between work and your evening out.

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Puppy Care Service [puhp-ee kair sur-vis] verb:
The act of providing awesome and helpful care to a youthful dog (commonly referred to as a puppy.) Puppy care consists of walking, feeding, loving, and playing with puppies. Each puppy care visit is specially crafted to meet the specific needs and desires of each and every individual puppy.